Tuning, the art of modification

The tuning and customizing any means of transport, is a growing industry and a very popular and widespread hobby. The process consists equally of making modifications to the mechanics as to the vehicle’s external appearance to achieve a unique style which is tuned to the style of its owner’s driving.  For this reason it’s not uncommon to hear it said there are no two cars tuned absolutely alike. The interest in tuning is increasing exponentially and almost every town or village, no matter how small, includes a couple of dates on its local fairs and fiestas calendar to organize a rally to display tuning in its pure state, something which has developed into a cult and an approach to style which has become part of today’s “urban culture”. This activity is a cultural expression of urban life, very similar to tattoos or piercing.

  • ISBN: 978-84-96823-51-8
  • Layout: 21,5x25,5
  • Pages: 224
  • Cover: Softcover+flaps
  • Languages: ENG, SPA
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