Typo, the beautiful world of fonts

TYPO tries to go beyond a conventional book on typography and show a varied selection of projects pertaining to several creative fields like graphic design, fashion, sculpture, industrial design, and architecture, among others, where artists and designers from all over the world use and experiment with typography. Many of the projects included in this book have been created by defying the barriers of typographic design to give way to original and alternative solutions in more or less evident ways to interact with the individual and provoke reactions, sensation and even feelings. Stefan Sagmeister, Andrew Byrom, Olga Adelantado, Catherine Griffiths, BorjaGarmendia, Silvia B., Why Not Associates, Gordon Young, David Delfín and Pentagram are some of artists invited to appear in this book to show that the borders between design, art and typography don’t really exist. The pagination of this book also belongs to a graphic font collection created by the design team of the Spanish magazine Neo2, the Danish agency of strategic design e-Types, and the design studio Underware, specializing in typographical design and production.

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  • ISBN: 978-84-96429-37-6
  • Layout: 21,5x25,5
  • Pages: 192
  • Cover: Softcover+flaps
  • Languages: ENG, SPA
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